During the Covid 19 pandemic, Sara Bor and Pat Wilson-Smith started an artistic exchange  and decided to send each other a piece of work each day, either as a response to the other’s work, or something else entirely. Our starting point was two very simple drawings, and since then we’ve made short videos, paintings and assemblages from found objects. It quickly became really very interesting, both of us experimenting with media we hadn’t used in a while.  What’s uppermost in our minds comes through inevitably, and it’s all imbued with the aura of self isolation. 

Day 21 ‘Tree of Life’ drawings/video
Day 30 ‘ Preservation’ found flora
Day 8 ‘Shield’ found materials
Day 25 ‘Damaged’ drawing/video
Day 44B ‘Black Lives Matter’ print
Day 44A ‘Black Lives Matter’
Day 35 ‘Never Forget’ Installation
Day 11 ‘Lives cut short’ mixed media
Day 10 ‘Grounded A’ earth pigments